Kevin Jodrey Mowgli Holmes

Cannabis Strains, Past, Present and Future

What is the next billion dollar cultivar?

blockchain cannabis cryptocurrency agreements contracts

Event: Blockchain Use Cases in Cannabis

Cryptocurrency and blockchain meet cannabis.

Building a Great Operations Team in the Cannabis Industry

The cost analysis of employee turnover and what it actually costs.

California Cannabis Legislative and Regulatory Updates

Legislative and Regulatory Updates from Sacramento

Legislative experts talk about the impending permanent cannabis regulations for California licensed operators.

California Cannabis - BCC, CDPH, CDFA

California Cannabis: The Path Forward

Regulators and operators break bread after the 45 day public commenting period ends in California.

Talent Management in Cannabis

Attracting and Retaining Talent in the Cannabis Industry

Sifting through resumes, hiring talent from outside the industry, retaining high performers, mapping organizational structure, performance evaluations, improving staff morale, and more.

Dean Rocco, CCIA Cannabis, Employment Law

Cannabis Employment Law

Hot topic issues in cannabis employment law.

AMG, Green Cross Torrance dispensaries, medical cannabis

Human Resources and Workforce Management in the Dispensary

Developing standardized benefits, workforce planning compliance and best employment practices for the cannabis industry.

California Cannabis Contracts and Legal Agreements

Risk Management in the California Cannabis Industry

Each license type has contracts and agreements that are necessary to carry out successful operations.

Cannabis Staffing, Recruiting, HR, Compliance

Compliance Jobs in the California Cannabis Industry

What type of compliance jobs are available in the cannabis industry?

Human Resources, Staffing, Employment in Cannabis

Event: Human Resources and Talent Management in the Cannabis Industry

Talent retention, staffing, payroll, banking, tax deductions, tax filings, workers’ compensation insurance, compliance, employee benefits, employee risk, wage and hour, wrongful termination.

cannabis insurance top 10 list

What to know – Cannabis Insurance Top 10

Educate yourself on Cannabis Inurance.