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Let’s Talk About Reproduction and How You Will Get Paid

Whatever your business model, there will be an IP approach that can help protect what you’re trying to do.

Big Ag and Cannabis

As Corteva Agriscience rang in today’s session of the New York Stock Exchange, celebrating its independence from DowDupont, I couldn’t help but think about Big Ag’s flirtation with cannabis, especially after CEO Jim Collins referred to Corteva as “a new kind of agriculture company.”

An Open Letter to The Cannabis Cultivation and Breeding Community

takeaways from my time at Open Cannabis Project

Standing up to big agriculture in Cannabis

Cannabis Farmers Standing Up to Big Ag

Big Ag Will Have You Conform or Go Under

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Can Monsanto (or Anyone) Make Me Stop Growing My Own Plants?

Big Cannabis will get its own patents on their own cultivars and/or other inventions — not patents that cover the plants you are using right now.

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What is the Future of Cannabis IP After Phylos?

In an environment of mistrust, can the mountain of genetic work still to be done for the benefit of cannabis breeders get done?

PHYLOS FALLOUT: Open Cannabis Project to Shutter This Month

Open Cannabis Project to dissolve.

In the wake of the Phylos controversy, many are wondering about the need for DNA sequence information in patents.  That’s a complicated question in some …

Phylos Controversy

The “Phylos Stole Meh Genetics” meme; Concerns regarding the data Phylos had accumulated and whether or not this data was going to be used as part of Phylos’ breeding programs.

The Phylos Affair

The cannabis science community addresses Phylos Biosciences’s plans to start commercial breeding.

Last week, Joshua Grover, cannabis program director for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), published an opinion piece on that was directed …

Professional Sports Leagues, Pain Management, Opioids and Cannabis

The US has an opioid epidemic. Professional sports leagues, with teams and players in cities and states that allow for both adult use and medical …