Last week, Joshua Grover, cannabis program director for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), published an opinion piece on that was directed …

Professional Sports Leagues, Pain Management, Opioids and Cannabis

The US has an opioid epidemic. Professional sports leagues, with teams and players in cities and states that allow for both adult use and medical …

Cannabis Investment, Licensing and Regulatory Trends

MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD – forecasting 2019

To benefit the Malibu Foundation, which supports victims of the Woolsey Fire.

Increasing Bipartisan Support for Cannabis Legalization

A Little More Country, But Getting Ready to Rock and Roll

The continuing trend of individual state approvals of cannabis use…

psychedelics - mdma psilocybin lsd cannabis

Psychedelics – Pathway to Legalization

Have you microdosed today?

freedom from over regulation

California Cannabis Regulations Workshop

What do operators along the cannabis supply chain need to know? How will the proposed regulations affect your business?

California Cannabis Regulations BCC CDFA CDPH

A conversation on Draft Regulations 2.0, how they will affect your licensed cannabis business in 2019.

Emerald Exchange California Cannabis Event Malibu

Future of California Cannabis Consumption Events

Legal California cannabis consumption events are coming back…in 2019

Emerald Exchange Malibu

California to Become Global Epicenter of Adult Cannabis Events

Get ready for some fun events…

Santa Monica Cannabis Ordinance

Santa Monica Inches Closer To Medicinal Dispensaries

Santa Monica has always been considered a progressive city, but when it comes to cannabis, their conservative roots are showing.

contracts legal business agreements cannabis operators

Contracts, Agreements (and Disagreements) in the Cannabis Supply Chain

Legal agreements between licensed operators up and down the cannabis supply chain.