Cannabis Investment, Licensing and Regulatory Trends

MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD - forecasting 2019

Join a group of licensing, investment and regulatory experts to talk about trends and expectations for 2019 in states along Amtrak’s Northeast corridor – from Massachusetts to Maryland.

Video 01 – Legislation & Regulation

Topics covered include: rescheduling versus descheduling, medical only states versus medical and adult use states, the unsustainability of high tax rates, MSO’s (multistate operators) versus mom and pop operators, license lotteries (creating oligopolies) versus free market approach, tax revenue for states, and more.

Video 02 – Investment and M&A

Topics covered include: Mom & Pop operations vs. large public MSOs (multi-state operators), a continued wave of consolidation, should states limit the number of licenses an operator can have in a state or allow competition? Can regular people participate in the cannabis industry or are the financial requirements to start a business too much of a barrier to entry? What’s going on in the international markets? Weeding out bad actors and short selling public companies. Are MSOs good local citizens?

Video 03 – Farm Bill, Hemp & CBD

Topics covered include: the recently passed farm bill, the future of Hemp and hemp derived CBD, FDA enforcement of bad CBD actors – e.g. false health claims.

Video 04 – Audience Q&A


Debra Borchardt, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Green Market Report
Ed Keating, Co-founder & Chief Data Officer, Cannabiz Media
Aaron Lachant, Co-founder & CEO, MMLG
Matt Karnes, Founder, GreenWave Advisors