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Why the Illicit Cannabis Market is Alive and Well in California - Part 2.5 - Taxes

Without a major course correction on the tax side, the illicit market will remain alive and well.

To lawmakers, tax revenue is heroin.

Why the Illicit Cannabis Market is Alive and Well in California - Part 2 - Taxes

And then there are the tax and regulatory costs...

Licensed stores can be hard to find, because many local areas have refused to allow retailers to open.

Why the Illicit Cannabis Market is Alive and Well in California - Part 1

Regulations and taxes suck.

When alcohol prohibition was repealed, the bootleggers, rum runners, and organized crime figures did not immediately cede their market share to the legal market.

COVID-19 will Reinvigorate the Illicit Cannabis Market

Look at the sales of hydroponic and organic nutrients from online retailers starting about a month from now.

The illicit cannabis industry which still accounts for more than 75% of all sales in the Country, despite

Dear FDA: You Can Do It! Here’s How. 

The Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act

A Hatch-Waxman Act Model for Cannabis

Cannabis: The New Vanilla

Plant based cannabinoids are going to face price pressures from synthetic cannabinoids from yeast and other sources.

Synthetic and Biosynthetic Cannabinoids are coming.

What is the Future of Cannabis IP After Phylos?

No matter its motive, questions remain whether Phylos has done lasting damage to the ability of the breeding community to protect its genetic heritage.

In an environment of mistrust, can the mountain of genetic work still to be done for the benefit of cannabis breeders get done?

PHYLOS FALLOUT: Open Cannabis Project to Shutter This Month

OCP legal advisor Dale Hunt talks about why he just resigned from representing Phylos.

Open Cannabis Project to dissolve.

Psychedelics - Pathway to Legalization

Lawyers, drug policy experts, doctors and scientists weigh in on the future of psychedelics in America

Have you microdosed today?

California Cannabis Regulations Update

The permanent California cannabis regulations are (almost) here.

A conversation on Draft Regulations 2.0, how they will affect your licensed cannabis business in 2019.

Future of California Cannabis Consumption Events

Assembly Bill AB2020 - Cannabis: local jurisdiction licensees: temporary event license.

Legal California cannabis consumption events are coming back…in 2019

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