Future of California Cannabis Consumption Events

Legal California cannabis consumption events are coming back...in 2019

(Legal) Cannabis events in California were virtually non-existent in 2018. High Times, Chalice Cup, Emerald Cup, Emerald Exchange…all were in limbo. Events in 2018 were relegated to a few county fairgrounds.

Everything is about to change.


California Cannabis Event Producers Tell Their Stories


Cannabis Events in California – Legal Primer

With the stroke of a pen, Governor Jerry “Spicoli” Brown signed AB 2020, which allows for local municipalities to issue temporary consumption event licenses starting January 1, 2019.

Join us in Los Angeles for a conversation on the future of cannabis consumption events, from the large (Chalice Cup) to the small (cannabis infused dinner parties) and everything in between.

Bring Your Own Bud to this event.

October 30th, 6-9pm, Hitman Coffee Shop, Hollywood CA.


Pamela Epstein, Managing Partner, Green Wise Consulting
Justin Calvino
, Founder, Emerald Exchange
Doug Dracup
, Founder, Chalice Cup
Holden Jagger
, Cannabis Chef, Altered Plates
Susan Soares, Executive Director, C.A.R.E (Green Oasis & State of Cannabis)


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