Understanding Cannabis: Medicine and Society

Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA, U.S. Congress. Topics include Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, Jeff Sessions, federal drug enforcement policy, states rights, descheduling cannabis. Lori Ajax, Chief, Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation Daniele Piomelli, Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of California, Irvine Senator Joe Dunn, Assistant Dean of External Relations, UC Irvine School of Law Senator Dunn talks about […]

State, County and Local Cannabis Regulations

It’s rare that during the same short period of time, every city and county across a state as large as California must draft local regulations and ordinances related to a topic that has enormous consequences for a lot of people, but one that elected officials tasked with the responsibility of setting up local regulatory frameworks know […]

West Hollywood Cannabis Ordinance Discussion

Video from the West Hollywood City Council meeting on May 1, 2017 to discuss recreational marijuana ordinances. I reached out to each of the council members present at the meeting and asked them to comment on the process of creating a cannabis ordinance and regulations for West Hollywood. I will update this article as they […]

State Releases Proposed Cannabis Regulations

MENDOCINO Co., 4/30/17 — Three different state agencies tasked with regulating commercial cannabis businesses released drafts of the proposed medical licensing requirements on Friday, kicking off a 45 day public comment period ending June 12. The California Department of Food and Agriculture, which will issue cultivation licenses, the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation (BMCR), which […]

Local Cannabis Ordinances

California’s legal recreational marijuana is stumbling out of the gate. Local laws aren’t in place and those in charge of making them aren’t equipped to do so. Join us April 24 in West Hollywood to discuss what this means for local communities and cannabis industry professionals.

Cannabis Operations Registry Launched By County of Santa Barbara

As we explore local California cannabis ordinances best and worst practices, we turn to Santa Barbara County, which just created a registry for cultivators to come out of the shadows and onto a path towards legitimacy. I spoke to Supervisor Steve Lavagnino, and will publish some quotes from that conversation shortly. Below is the announcement from […]

Cannabis Regulation, The Path Forward After Prop 64

California state assembly discusses Prop 64 / AUMA rollout in 2018 with officials from Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation, Department of Consumer Affairs, Justice Department, Department of Public Health, Department of Food and Agriculture, California Highway Patrol, California Cannabis Industry Association, California Growers Association, and others.

Preparing for Recreational Marijuana in California

Three cannabis businesses discuss how they are preparing for recreational and licensing in 2018! Hear from a Cultivator, a Dispensary and a Product Brand to find out what they are doing to get ready, what discussions they are having internally and with partners, and how they plan on preparing for 2018. Speakers include: Dave Holmes, […]

Blunt Talk About Cannabis Taxes

The cannabis industry has been fighting an uphill battle with the federal government since the first city in the first state approved the legalization of medical marijuana (California on 11/5/1996 effective date 11/6/1996).  While there have been great inroads on a state level, with more than half the states approving some form of legalization, there […]

California's New Marijuana Era

At the heart of California’s Emerald Triangle is Humboldt County, a legendary locale in the world of weed, as prized by marijuana aficionados for its cannabis as Napa Valley is for its wine. “Humboldt is the absolute, undisputed leader in cannabis,” said Luke Bruner, a local resident who has advised state and local officials on […]

280E Revenue Cost

To get to the point, repeal of federal tax Code section 280E might cost the federal government some $1.3 billion in 2020 alone, and then rise steadily after that. Right now, section 280E says sellers of federally illegal drugs can’t deduct advertising, marketing, or selling expenses. They can deduct only cost of goods sold. They […]

$50 Million “Blunder” in Prop 64?

California Board of Equalization elected Member Jerome Horton, an opponent of Proposition 64, came up with an October surprise to illustrate a weakness in the proposal. That weakness didn’t prevent its passage, but it lingers. Member Horton alleged that a tiny, technical, last-minute drafting change in the California 2016 marijuana initiative could cost the state […]

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