Cannabis Breeding, Genetics, Patents and IP

How do small breeders and cultivators come together to protect the community from bad actors

Join a group of cannabis cultivators, breeders, geneticists, and patent attorneys to talk about the future of breeding and genetics and playing team defense against patent trolls and Big Ag’s (and Big Canna) swarm of litigious patent attorneys.

Thursday July 11th, 6-9pm at the Townhouse in Venice.

First Conversation: Breeders and Growers Talk Genetics
Cannabis Plant Patents, Trademarks and Playing Team Defense Against Big Ag and Patent Trolls

This will be the kick off to a series of conversations on plants and patents and creating a framework for small players to defend their ability to breed and cultivate without having to pay a toll to large, well funded operators.

Some love for the companies that support cannabis cultivators:


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