The Clackamascoot Reading Library

Soil Science and Plant Health

We covered a lot of topics in our 5 hour Sunday morning soil building marathon. Below are links to the PDFs referenced by Clackamascoot.

Alfalfa – the Powerful Plant Growth Stimulant – download

Barley Malt – Microbes in the tailoring of barley malt properties – download

How to Cultivate Indigenous Microorganisms – download

Bread from Stones, A New and Rational System of Land Fertilization and Physical Regeneration – download

Colloidal Minerals, Friend or Foe? – download

Cornell Peat-Lite Mixes for Commercial Plant Growing – download

Curing Compost, An Antidote For Thermal Processing – download

The Science of Vermiculture: The Use of Earthworms in Organic Waste Management – download

Controlled Microbial Composting and Humus Management: Luebke Compost – download

Humic Acids: Marvelous Products of Soil Chemistry – download

The Natural Way of Farming – download

Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems – download

Processing of Aloe Vera Leaf Gel – download

Co-utilization of Rockdust, Mineral Fines and Compost – download

SAR – Systemic Acquired Resistance – download

Natural Products (Secondary Metabolites) – download

Soil Microbiology and Sustainable Crop Production – download

Soil Chemical Balance – download

The Manufacture of Compost by the Indore Method – download

The Role of Root Exudates in Rhizosphere Interactions with Plants and Other Organisms – download

Working With Soil Microbiology – download

Biological Efficiency of Grey Oyster Mushrooms – download

Analysis of the Barley Grain Protease Spectrum – download

Unexploited botanical nitrification inhibitors prepared from Karanja plant – download

Oyster Mushrooms mycoremediation – download

Influence of Cultivar, Explant Source and Plant Growth Regulator on Callus Indusction and Plant Regeneration of Cannabis Sativa L. – download

Salicylic Acid – A Plant Hormone – download

Beyond plant defense: insights on the potential of salicylic and methylsalicylic acid to contain growth of the phytopathogen Botrytis cinerea – download

Saponins as Insecticides – download

Novel advances with plant saponins as natural insecticides to control pest insects – download

The Sphagnum microbiome: new insights from an ancient plant lineage – download

Controlled Microbial Composting and Humus Management: Luebke Compost – link

The Real Dirt on Humic Substances – download