Topanga's (craft) Cannabis Future

LA County proposed cannabis ordinance and what it means for Topanga.

Cannabis Genetic Diversity Will Take a Hit in California

Thousands of craft cannabis cultivators will not enter the regulated market.

Cannabis Testing Standards for Smoking vs. Edibles Market

California will have different contaminant and pesticide standards for ingested and smoked products.

Event: Local Cannabis Ordinances Analyzed and Explained

SoCal cities and counties, including LA County, LA City, and Santa Barbara County.

Cops Gone Wild

Spotlight: Trinity County.

Compost Tea Primer

Fungal and Bacterial Teas for Different Phases of Plant Growth

Cannabis Factory Farming and Confined Feeding Operations

The Environmental Protection Agency defines confined feeding operations(CAFO) as a production process that concentrates large numbers of animals in relatively small and confined places, and that substitutes structures and equipment (for feeding, watering, temperature control, and manure management) for land and labor.” When animals are raised in such environments, all kinds of problems arise: There’s a […]

How Cannabis Production is Becoming More High-Tech

Cannabis production in commercial greenhouses was a hot discussion topic during the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association’s (NGMA) Spring Meeting in Savannah, GA, in April. One of the speakers at the event was Damian Solomon, Director of Cultivation at MedMen, which is nearing completion on a new cannabis production facility in Nevada. Solomon designs high-tech growing solutions […]

Sensible cannabis policies in Yolo County

It is time for the Yolo County Board of Supervisors to take the next step forward on sensible cannabis regulation. Residents of Yolo County have consistently voted in favor of legalization of cannabis. In the November 2016 election, more than 60 percent of Yolo County voters said yes to Proposition 64: California Marijuana Legalization Initiative. […]

Law Enforcement Raids Rogue Grow on Indian Land

WILLITS, 7/27/17 — Tuesday, July 25, a joint team of local and federal law enforcement officers raided the eastern property of the Sherwood Rancheria, in the Willits-Little Lake Valley, arresting six people and cutting down 2,421 plants. Interviews with neighbors give the impression that a very large grow had been operated for some time on […]

Biodynamic Growhouse in Sonoma Valley

An old turkey ranch near Glen Ellen is the site of a very new business model, applying biodynamic principals that have worked well in grape production and other agricultural practices to the rapidly-growing field of legal cannabis cultivation. SPARC, a medical cannabis cultivator started in San Francisco (as the San Francisco Patient and Resource Center), […]

The Poetry of Plants

INTERVIEWER: Tyler Mentel, Head of Design, Hybrid Tech INTERVIEWEE: Nelson Lindsley, Poetry of Plants Q: Can you tell us how you got into cultivation consulting and some background on yourself? In mid 2000s I was signed recording artist for Geffen Records. Cannabis was part of my creative expression. I was working a lot of audio and sound […]

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