Cannabis Strains, Past, Present and Future

A history lesson on cannabis cultivars, and the future of cannabis strains.

What is the next billion dollar cultivar?

The Value of Terroir and Appellations

Terroir is everything that makes a place unique. Every place is special, but what exactly are the conditions that make each place different?

In order to qualify for Appellation of Origin (AO), California cannabis must be cultivated outdoors, in full sun and in the ground.

Cannabis Bud Area

Baby Steps to Tokenized Cannabis

Detecting number of cannabis cola and bud growth using computer vision

Cannabis Leaf Area Analysis

The First Step in Tokenizing Cannabis Crops

Monitoring cannabis leaf growth using computer vision.

Tokenized Cannabis Crops

Cultivating Trust

Connecting blockchain, crypto currency, and computer vision to monitor the value of the underlying plant-based asset.

Topanga's (craft) Cannabis Future

LA County proposed cannabis ordinance and what it means for Topanga.

Cannabis Genetic Diversity Will Take a Hit in California

Thousands of craft cannabis cultivators will not enter the regulated market.

Cannabis Testing Standards for Smoking vs. Edibles Market

California will have different contaminant and pesticide standards for ingested and smoked products.

Event: Local Cannabis Ordinances Analyzed and Explained

SoCal cities and counties, including LA County, LA City, and Santa Barbara County.

Cops Gone Wild

Spotlight: Trinity County.

Compost Tea Primer

Fungal and Bacterial Teas for Different Phases of Plant Growth

Cannabis Factory Farming and Confined Feeding Operations

The Environmental Protection Agency defines confined feeding operations(CAFO) as a production process that concentrates large numbers of animals in relatively small and confined places, and that substitutes structures and equipment (for feeding, watering, temperature control, and manure management) for land and labor.” When animals are raised in such environments, all kinds of problems arise: There’s a […]

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