Emily Earlenbaugh
Emily Earlenbaugh
Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh is a cannabis patient consultant and wellness researcher. She is the author of the online course “The Mindful Guide to Cannabis” and has a doctorate in philosophy of science from UC Davis.

Zero Impact Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

By 2020 I’d like to see cannabis become sustainable. When my colleagues at Fleurish Farms and I were thinking about what the cannabis industry needs most, we were immediately drawn to the environmental dilemma that cultivators are in. Today’s cannabis industry faces some big challenges when it comes to environmental sustainability. Between water and electrical […]

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Their Way or the Highway…

There has been a fair bit of press focusing on proposed California law AB 2300, and its implications for tenants and landlords. AB 2300, proposed by assembly member Jim Wood, specifies that the law which allows qualified cannabis patients in california to possess and use their medicine does not entitle them to smoke their cannabis […]

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Cannabis and Violence

A recent study published the news that cannabis use is correlated with increased violent behavior. The researchers followed young males from the ages of 8 to 56, and found that those who used cannabis were more likely to commit violent offenses. This may be a surprise to many in the cannabis community. As a cannabis […]

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My Brain on Cannabis

When it comes to intelligence, cannabis has had a bad reputation. We’ve all seen the media representations of ‘stoners’ as bumbling, forgetful, and unfocused characters, and maybe we’ve even had some experiences ourselves where we’ve felt stupefied by some potent bud. Difficulty with short term memory recall and slowed cognitive functioning are commonly reported side […]

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Best Practices for Rosin

With the growing interest in solventless extraction methods, people are beginning to look to rosin as an alternative to butane or propane extracted concentrates. As patient consultant, I often hear consumers, who worry about the dangers of ingesting these toxic solvents, asking for an alternative that they can feel confident is free of other substances. […]

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