Dale Hunt
Dale Hunt
Dale Hunt is a plant scientist, a Cannabis lawyer and registered U.S. patent attorney with over 20 years of experience protecting plant varieties in the United States and throughout the world. Dr. Hunt is the founder of Plant & Planet Law Firm (PlantAndPlanet.com). He also created and maintains MJPatentsWeekly.com, a website which is updated weekly, with over 10,000 Cannabis-related patents and patent applications from the US and Canada, as well as international applications published under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. As an authority on Cannabis intellectual property, Dale has been an invited speaker at major Cannabis meetings such as MJBizCon and Emerald Cup as well as other science and trade organizations.

Can Monsanto (or Anyone) Make Me Stop Growing My Own Plants?

The Answer Should Be a Simple No – It Partly Is, But Only Partly

Big Cannabis will get its own patents on their own cultivars and/or other inventions — not patents that cover the plants you are using right now.

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How Much DNA Sequence Do You Need to Submit a Plant Patent?


In the wake of the Phylos controversy, many are wondering about the need for DNA sequence information in patents.  That’s a complicated question in some ways, because the answer has some layers and explanations to it.  But, in another way, it’s a very simple question.  So let’s start with simple: how much DNA sequence information […]

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