The US has an opioid epidemic. Professional sports leagues, with teams and players in cities and states that allow for both adult use and medical cannabis consumption, often have policies in place that encourage athletes to take prescription opioids for pain, while punishing players who would rather use cannabis to treat pain with fines and suspensions.

Looking at you NFL…forcing your employees to develop opioid and alcohol addictions.

We came together in Venice for a conversation that is meant to shine a light on sports leagues current policies and push the leagues towards more sensible treatment and recovery policies. We also explored emerging science and academic research on cannabinoids as a treatment for specific medical conditions.


Kenny Florian, Retired, UFC
Kassim Osgood, Retired, NFL
Harry Nelson, Author, United States of Opioids
Michele Ross, CEO, Infused Health

Kenny Florian & Kassim Osgood

Michelle Ross & Harry Nelson