Rev Genomics Open Cannabis Project SNP Data Set Phylos Galaxy

Rev Genomics Releases SNP Map, Analysis Based On Open Cannabis Project Data

Open Cannabis Project genetic data analyzed and made public.

Grassroots Roundtable - Heritage Mendocino

Attacking Overbroad Patents – One Person’s Evidence is Everyone’s Defense

Overbroad Patents

USPTO - Patents PAIR

You, Too, Can be a Patent Stalker – Intro to “Public PAIR”

Patent Application Information Retrieval

open source cannabis genetics - public domain

Why Open-Source in Cannabis Genetics Doesn’t Work – And How to Fix It


handshakes legal agreements contracts

Business Transparency, Accountability, Trustworthiness

The cannabis industry is moving from handshakes to legal agreements.

silencing voices

When Monkeys Hurl Feces

The rich get richer while the have nots tear each other apart.

cannabis plants - Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act

Dear FDA: You Can Do It! Here’s How. 

A Hatch-Waxman Act Model for Cannabis

Vanillin Molecule - Vanilla

Cannabis: The New Vanilla

Synthetic and Biosynthetic Cannabinoids are coming.

cannabis plant patents USDA - Plant Variety Protection Act

Fixing Plant IP Confusion

UPOV Plant Breeders’ Rights in the US are only available under the USDA (PVPA) and only cover seed-propagated plants.

humboldt county sheriff william honsal - CA National Guard

Humboldt County Gives Contradictory Explanations for Code Enforcement

National Guard helicopters circling Humboldt County.

Cannabis Breeding, Genetics, Patents and IP Intellectual Property

Cannabis Breeding, Genetics, Patents and IP

How do small breeders and cultivators come together to protect the community from bad actors

Snack Time!

Munchies on the rise.