Event: Supporting Cannabis Advocacy

What do National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), International Cannabis Farmers Association (ICFA), Angeles Emeralds, LA Cannabis Task Force, California NORML, Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), and Americans for Safe Access (ASA) have in common?

They’ll all be at our event Monday night at The Abbey in West Hollywood.

Why? Because our event is all about cannabis advocacy. Read on…


Houston, we have a problem. Our industry needs funding. The people on the front lines who lobby for policies that help protect patients, give opportunities to women, minorities and people of color, relentlessly voice their thoughts and concerns on regulations for businesses, organize community outreach programs, and of course, get people out of prison who are still stuck in there for offenses that are no longer illegal, need our support.

Unfortunately, there are still too many companies and people in this industry that do not give back and appear to be just fine letting everyone else do the hard work for them as long as they can profit on top of it. This has got to stop and it’s up to us to make it happen.

Our speakers are going to talk to us about what we can do and how we can do it. They are going to help us understand what is needed and who needs it. They are going to get us thinking out of the box so we can all continue to support this industry and help make people’s lives better each and every day.

Join us on Monday June 26th at The Abbey in West Hollywood for a discussion on cannabis advocacy.

What can our industry do to support its non-profits & advocates and how can we create better “giving back” programs to the mainstream community?


  • Karen O’Keefe, Director of State Policies, Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)
  • Curtis Stafford, Director of Business Development, National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)
  • Ruben Honig, LA Cannabis Task Force
  • Mary Patton, Cannabis Advocate 10+ years
  • Hal Lewis, Cannabis Advocate 30+ years
  • Kenny Morrison, Cannabis Advocate 10+ years
  • Brad Lane, Cannabis Advocate 20+ years


A big thank you to our supporters and partners! Without their help, these events would not be possible.

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