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Spotlight: Trinity County.

Attack of the Killer Cannabis Patents

Almost 40 years ago – in the Grade B horror spoof “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” – vicious giant man-eating tomatoes of unknown origin were seen spreading mayhem and trying to take over the U.S. This was right around the time the term GMO was first working its way into our vocabulary. Flash forward to […]

SB-162 Would Bar Cannabis Licensees from Using Branded Merchandise

Senate Bill 162 (hereafter “SB162”), currently making its way through the state legislature, would impose draconian restrictions on cannabis marketing. Specifically, it would prevent cannabis licensees from advertising or marketing cannabis products using merchandise, such as clothing, hats, t-shirts, or other items branded with the name or logo of the product. The bill already passed […]

Law Enforcement Raids Rogue Grow on Indian Land

WILLITS, 7/27/17 — Tuesday, July 25, a joint team of local and federal law enforcement officers raided the eastern property of the Sherwood Rancheria, in the Willits-Little Lake Valley, arresting six people and cutting down 2,421 plants. Interviews with neighbors give the impression that a very large grow had been operated for some time on […]

When Facebook Rejects Cannabis Advocacy Ads

On June 12th, we’re hosting an event in LA about the future of medical cannabis in California. Given that adult use is legal, as voted by citizens in the state of California in November 20216, and the regulated adult use market comes online in January 2018, we believe it is important to evaluate what will […]

Local Cannabis Ordinances

California’s legal recreational marijuana is stumbling out of the gate. Local laws aren’t in place and those in charge of making them aren’t equipped to do so. Join us April 24 in West Hollywood to discuss what this means for local communities and cannabis industry professionals.

Cannabis Legal Services

DISCLAIMER: You might think I was writing this to lead you to the conclusion that you should hire me as your cannabis attorney. WRONG! Read this to help find the right fit between you and your potential legal counsel. I filter who I bring into my practice and want my clients to be a good […]

Marijuana M & A

Since passage of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MCRSA“) and Proposition 64, one of the top questions our California marijuana lawyers have been getting from existing medical marijuana operators is “how can I sell my medical marijuana collective?” Of course, many collectives are not hard-pressed to find willing buyers. In the City of Los […]

Did TRIDENT and Yolo DA Violate Law in Marijuana Raid?

Medical cannabis can be grown by nonprofit collectives, where the patient members sign up. However, these registry lists are governed by HIPAA – which has strict guidelines for the release of patient information, including to law enforcement. Law enforcement raided a legal collective, seized patient lists and started contacting patients.

Medical Marijuana Companies are Rushing to File Patents

The growing legalization of medical marijuana across the United States has led to a boom in various companies that support all aspects of the industry. Technological advances in the medical marijuana range from proprietary hybrid strains of cannabis, to clean and efficient growing systems, software-based analytics and monitoring, and packaging and distribution infrastructure. Vice News reported […]

Yolo County Cannabis Raid

Two cannabis cultivators sought and received every California license and permit to grow. Then came the raid that shows how arbitrary the law can be.

Placer Officers Raid Legal Yolo Cannabis Grow

When Winters farmer Ravi Tumber got a green light from Yolo County Agriculture Commissioner John Young personally to grow medical cannabis rather than tomatoes in the hydroponic structures on his property just off Highway 128 in the hills just west of town, he thought he was good to go. He was told by county staff […]

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