Cannabis Conundrum

Growers want to grow, and residents want to open their windows. In its ongoing discussions about how to regulate the cannabis industry, Santa Barbara County Supervisors and staff convened on July 11 to receive public input and set priorities. Starting July 12, the county opened the 30-day scoping period for its Environmental Impact Report on […]

To Talk of Cannabis

Over the last 50 years, thanks to scientific achievements made in the field of cannabis research, the language we use to discuss our favorite plant has undergone a revealing transformation. In the ’60s and ’70s, my generation referred to it as grass, pot, weed, herb, sinsemillia, and, of course, marijuana. When it came to strain […]

Preparing for Recreational Marijuana in California

Three cannabis businesses discuss how they are preparing for recreational and licensing in 2018! Hear from a Cultivator, a Dispensary and a Product Brand to find out what they are doing to get ready, what discussions they are having internally and with partners, and how they plan on preparing for 2018. Speakers include: Dave Holmes, […]

From Flask to Field

See article at Walk into your typical U.S. or U.K. grocery store and feast your eyes on an amazing bounty of fresh and processed foods. In most industrialized countries, it’s hard to imagine that food production is one of the greatest challenges we will face in the coming decades. By the year 2050, the […]

Yolo County Cannabis Raid

Two cannabis cultivators sought and received every California license and permit to grow. Then came the raid that shows how arbitrary the law can be.

California's New Marijuana Era

At the heart of California’s Emerald Triangle is Humboldt County, a legendary locale in the world of weed, as prized by marijuana aficionados for its cannabis as Napa Valley is for its wine. “Humboldt is the absolute, undisputed leader in cannabis,” said Luke Bruner, a local resident who has advised state and local officials on […]

Small Growers Face Future at Emerald Cup

SANTA ROSA, CA., 12/17/16 — Farmers of outdoor cannabis from around the Emerald Triangle came by the hundreds to showcase their craft this past weekend at The Emerald Cup — California’s premiere outdoor organic cannabis competition and conference — which attracted around 30,000 people to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Many of these cannabis cultivators have […]

Canada's Framework for the Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis

The Canadian government has released the November 2016 report that was filed in Ottawa by the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation.  This report contains the findings and official recommendations of the task force for establishing legal cannabis across Canada. In total the document contains 112 pages and covers issues from cultivation licenses, to […]

Placer Officers Raid Legal Yolo Cannabis Grow

When Winters farmer Ravi Tumber got a green light from Yolo County Agriculture Commissioner John Young personally to grow medical cannabis rather than tomatoes in the hydroponic structures on his property just off Highway 128 in the hills just west of town, he thought he was good to go. He was told by county staff […]

Zero Impact Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

By 2020 I’d like to see cannabis become sustainable. When my colleagues at Fleurish Farms and I were thinking about what the cannabis industry needs most, we were immediately drawn to the environmental dilemma that cultivators are in. Today’s cannabis industry faces some big challenges when it comes to environmental sustainability. Between water and electrical […]

The Greenhouse Debate

Retrofit existing greenhouses or is it better to purpose build greenhouses for marijuana growing? Just before the election I read an article about California pot growers paying millions of dollars for old greenhouses in the Salinas Valley. After the results of the US marijuana elections greenhouse property values are likely increasing in eastern states like […]

Benefits of Controlled Environment Hybrid Greenhouses

Sun grown cannabis is at the mercy of the environment while indoor growers can play God with plants, controlling every aspect of the grow to produce consistent, perfect looking flower. Greenhouse grows have historically been somewhere in the middle. Greenhouse technology, however, is getting better and more competitive with indoor. At some point indoor will […]

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