Corporate Structure for Cannabis Businesses

Setting up a corporate structure and choosing a tax entity status can be a unique challenge for cannabis sellers and growers. These businesses face a different set of choices than traditional small business owners. Due to certain legal and financial concerns, owners of cannabis businesses are going to want additional levels of legal and financial […]

Cannabis Brands and State Lines

To expand or not to expand into new states?   That is the question faced by cannabis brands that sell products and have developed customer loyalty in their home state.  In a Shakespearian query, we find the dilemma that currently plagues a number of cannabis industry stalwarts as well as start-up companies looking for quick […]

Getting Your Cannabis Product into a Dispensary

Gone are the days when cannabis vendors can bring products into a dispensary for show and tell without professional packaging, lab testing results, accurate dosage information, presentable sales people, or a reliably consistent distribution system. In the above video, Aaron Justis, President of Los Angeles dispensary Buds & Roses, reflects on his experience with vendors over […]

Say Hello To My Little Friend 280E

Amidst all of the excitement about the ongoing “Green Rush”, many people are unaware of one of the biggest struggles the marijuana industry is still facing. Under current federal tax law, state-licensed marijuana businesses that are operating legally are not allowed to deduct their necessary expenses on their annual tax returns. The effect of complying […]

How Bob Dole got America Addicted to Marijuana Taxes

As states legalize marijuana, more marijuana businesses are opening across the country. An obscure 1982 brainchild of Bob Dole’s Senate Finance Committee, section 280E of the federal tax code, is hitting state-legal marijuana sellers in the pocketbook—right now. 280E, which says taxpayers cannot deduct costs of selling federally illegal drugs, is not just helping fund […]

Cannabis - An Economic Analysis of a Growing Industry

Medical cannabis is legal in 23 states, while recreational cannabis is legal in four. The current market size is estimated to be $5 – $6 billion in 2015, growing to $17.5 – $35 billion by 2020. Growth is based on more states legalizing both medical and recreational cannabis in the coming years and demand projections for patients […]

Tripp Keber - CEO, Dixie Brands

Tripp Keber, CEO of Dixie Brands, keynoted the State of Marijuana event in LA. Dixie has recently entered the California market from it’s home base in Colorado through a licensing agreement with Altai Brands, which now sells Dixie’s line of edibles throughout California. Tripp freely admits that he got into the cannabis industry for the money; […]

Cannabis Entrepreneurship - Robert Weakley, Altai Brands

Licensing is a tool Marijuana brands are starting to use to expand beyond their home turf. Dixie Elixers, based in Colorado, recently struck a deal with Altai brands to be the exclusive licensee of the Dixie Elixers brand in California.

Cannabis Entrepreneurship: Chris Bunka, CEO, Lexaria

When you smoke a joint, your body will typically absorb about 30% of the cannabinoids entering your system. If you vape, the absorption rate drops to about 20 – 22%. If you take a sublingual, the absorption rate continues to drop to around 12%. Finally, if you eat a cannabis infused product, such as a […]

Cannabis Entrepreneurship - Kenny Morrison, VCC Brands

Kenny Morrison, CEO, VCC Brands (formerly Venice Cookie Company), talks about the idea to create an edibles company as well as launching the brand in California and, eventually, Washington State under the Evergreen Herbal brand name. He also talks about the evolution of edibles, from giant cookies and brownies to smaller products, chocolates and drinks, […]

Cannabis Entrepreneurship: Jeff Raber, The Werc Shop

Jeff Raber, co-founder and CEO, The Werc Shop, a cannabis testing lab, talks about how he got the idea to launch his company. In part 02, Jeff talks about raising capital and getting started In part 03, Jeff talks about growing and educating the customer base of dispensaries and growers.

Agricultural Hemp in the US

Kentucky is leading the charge towards legalization in the US, thanks to the strong will of Kentucky politicians who are willing to fight the DEA and the federal government for their states right to grow and sell hemp.

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