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METRC Compliance for Cannabis Retailers in California
What dispensaries need to do to prepare for California's track and trace program.
Peter Cervieri

Brett Hartmann-Payan, Director of Operations – Alternative Medicine Group (AMG), talks about Metrc and track-and-trace from a dispensary point of view.

According to Franwell, the company behind Metrc,

After several years of trying to control unlawful production and dispensing of various forms of cannabis, by relying upon voluminous and comprehensive “hard copy” recordkeeping and reporting, supplemented by inspections, municipalities are recognizing that such methods were neither timely nor accurate ways to maintain compliance with applicable laws.

Franwell has developed and deployed a turnkey solution which provides end to end tracking and tracing of marijuana plants and products. This solution was specifically designed for government agencies in charge of legalized marijuana enforcement.

Whether you agree with that assessment or not, Metrc is your new reality.

The California Cannabis Track-and -Trace system (CCTT), using Franwell, Inc. Metrc software, is a ‘seed -to-sale’ supply chain system for tracking and monitoring commercial cannabis inventory and activity across the distribution chain that will allow California to fulfill its statutory mandate. Primary system objectives are to protect public health and to limit potential federal interference in lawful cannabis businesses as the State moves toward implementation of the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA).

All state-issued annual licensees are required to use the CCTT-Metrc system to record, track and maintain information about their cannabis and cannabis product inventories and activities. Temporary licensees are not required to use and will not be provided access to the system.

Although temporary licensees will not be required to use the CCTT-Metrc system, state licensing authority emergency regulations require all sales and transfers of cannabis and cannabis products between temporary licensees, or between temporary licensees and annual licensees, to be documented manually using paper sales invoices or shipping manifests.

The annual licensee will be responsible for assigning a CCTT-Metrc non -repeating, globally unique identifier (UID) to each immature lot, flowering plant and each distinct cannabis product. This assignment is accomplished via the issuance of encrypted radio frequency identification tags to annual licensees. A UID is an alphanumeric code or designation used to uniquely identify a specific plant, cannabis, and/or cannabis product on a licensed premises. UIDs are specifically provisioned as plant tags or package labels and are ordered by and assigned to the annual licensee within the CCTT-Metrc system. Assigned UIDs track the with cannabis and cannabis products when they are transferred from one licensee to another licensee.

Once an annual license holder and/or their designated Account Manager has been trained and provided access the CCTT-Metrc system, an order for UIDs may be placed using the system. The cost of UIDs, along with all other costs needed to administer California’s cannabis programs (CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing, Bureau of Cannabis Control, and the California Department of Public Health), their respective licensing systems, and the CCTT-Metrc system, are built into the designated licensing fees for each type of state commercial cannabis license.

Join us for a panel discussion on Metrc July 17th 2018 in Los Angeles.

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