Jim Plamondon
Jim Plamondon
I drive change. In the computing industry, I helped accelerate the adoption of disruptive computing platforms―including object-oriented application frameworks in the 1980's, Windows in the 1990's, .NET in the 2000's, and cloud computing in the 2010's―thereby adding millions of dollars to these platforms'​ vendors'​ bottom lines and accelerating the advancement of the state of the art. Today, I accelerate disruptive change in the rapidly-expanding legal cannabis industry. As VP/Marketing at the Thai Cannabis Corporation, my goal is to establish the Company as the global cannabis industry’s de facto standard for cannabis oils, extracts, and isolates, by making it easier for manufacturers to earn high profits with the Company than with anyone else.

Cannabis: The New Vanilla

Plant based cannabinoids are going to face price pressures from synthetic cannabinoids from yeast and other sources.

Synthetic and Biosynthetic Cannabinoids are coming.

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