Psychedelics - Pathway to Legalization

Lawyers, drug policy experts, doctors and scientists weigh in on the future of psychedelics in America

Have you microdosed today?

Future of California Cannabis Consumption Events

Assembly Bill AB2020 - Cannabis: local jurisdiction licensees: temporary event license.

Legal California cannabis consumption events are coming back…in 2019

California to Become Global Epicenter of Adult Cannabis Events

New legislation will transform the cannabis industry by allowing for widespread state-licensed cannabis events, where adults can buy, sell, and consume cannabis.

Get ready for some fun events…

SB-162 Would Bar Cannabis Licensees from Using Branded Merchandise

Senate Bill 162 (hereafter “SB162”), currently making its way through the state legislature, would impose draconian restrictions on cannabis marketing. Specifically, it would prevent cannabis licensees from advertising or marketing cannabis products using merchandise, such as clothing, hats, t-shirts, or other items branded with the name or logo of the product. The bill already passed […]

Video: Cannabis Advocacy

What do National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), International Cannabis Farmers Association (ICFA), Angeles Emeralds, LA Cannabis Task Force, California NORML, Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), and Americans for Safe Access (ASA) have in common? They all participated in our most recent Connecting Cannabis event at The Abbey in […]

Federal Agents Mad 'Cause I'm Flagrant

Diane Goldstein, ‎Executive Board Member – ‎Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), spoke at the October Women Grow event in Los Angeles. The Adult Use Marijuana Act (AUMA) initiative is eligible for the November 8, 2016 General Election ballot. California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Maine all have adult use legalization initiatives on the ballot. AUMA, also known as […]

Super Bowl Cannabis Consumption

This weekend tens of thousands of out-of-state visitors will hit the bay area for Super Bowl 50. This begs the question, can they legally enjoy northern California’s finest herb? Recently, David Downs of SF Gate’s Smell the Truth blog published a cannabis primer for those attending Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. For […]

Major Lazer Weed Adentures

Major Lazer goes on vacation. After visiting the Weed Man, Penny smokes some weed and goes on a bad trip. Major Lazer comes to Penny’s rescue and fights off Mr. Mary James.

Bernie Sanders introduces bill to legalize marijuana nationwide

Two weeks ago, at the first DNC debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was asked whether or not he would support marijuana legalization in Nevada – where the debate was held and whose residents will vote on cannabis prohibition in 2016. “I suspect I would vote yes,” Sanders said, “and I would vote yes because I […]

The State and Future of Cannabis Concentrates

Panelists: Hunter Greene, Lab Director, W Vapes Justin Pullman, President, PMP Labs Frenchy Cannoli, Hashishin, Aficionado Jason Beck, Founder & Executive Director, Alternative Herbal Health Services Mara Gordon, Founder, Aunt Zelda’s Moderator: Aaron Justis, Founder, Buds & Roses WcMgcq Get a bunch of concentrate makers on a panel and watch the gloves come off. Topics […]

What the Media Should Know About Covering Cannabis

Talking heads and the doctors they interview talk about “getting high.” Here’s why that makes no sense.

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