Cannabis Packaging Requirements in California

Panel discussion on the business and environmental impact of cannabis packaging requirements in CA.

AG Jeff Sessions: One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Attorney General Jeff Sessions – does any bite come with all his barking?

Event: Supporting Cannabis Advocacy

What do National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), International Cannabis Farmers Association (ICFA), Angeles Emeralds, LA Cannabis Task Force, California NORML, Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), and Americans for Safe Access (ASA) have in common? They’ll all be at our event Monday night at The Abbey in West […]

When Facebook Rejects Cannabis Advocacy Ads

On June 12th, we’re hosting an event in LA about the future of medical cannabis in California. Given that adult use is legal, as voted by citizens in the state of California in November 20216, and the regulated adult use market comes online in January 2018, we believe it is important to evaluate what will […]

Marijuana M & A

Since passage of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MCRSA“) and Proposition 64, one of the top questions our California marijuana lawyers have been getting from existing medical marijuana operators is “how can I sell my medical marijuana collective?” Of course, many collectives are not hard-pressed to find willing buyers. In the City of Los […]

Preparing for Recreational Marijuana in California

Three cannabis businesses discuss how they are preparing for recreational and licensing in 2018! Hear from a Cultivator, a Dispensary and a Product Brand to find out what they are doing to get ready, what discussions they are having internally and with partners, and how they plan on preparing for 2018. Speakers include: Dave Holmes, […]

Blunt Talk About Cannabis Taxes

The cannabis industry has been fighting an uphill battle with the federal government since the first city in the first state approved the legalization of medical marijuana (California on 11/5/1996 effective date 11/6/1996).  While there have been great inroads on a state level, with more than half the states approving some form of legalization, there […]

Top 5 Cannabis Investment Trends

Troy Dayton spoke at the recent State of Marijuana Conference in Long Beach. He outlined what he believes are the top 5 cannabis investment trends. These trends are not necessarily where the most money is currently being invested. Rather, they are the top 5 most interesting trends that have a lot of implications for where the cannabis […]

Marijuana REIT

Here is an SEC filing from a company that wants to be a tax-advantaged REIT, renting to marijuana companies: “We are a newly-formed, self-advised Maryland corporation focused on the acquisition, ownership and management of specialized industrial properties leased to experienced, state-licensed operators for their regulated medical-use cannabis facilities. Initially, we intend to acquire our properties […]

Mid Year Economic Update

Our midyear review of the Legalized marijuana market affirms our expectation that 2016 retail sales are on track to meet or exceed $6.5 billion. We reiterate our forecast for annual sales to reach $25 billion by 2020. These estimates are largely predicated upon the success this November of ballot initiatives to fully legalize marijuana in […]

Staging Marijuana Taxes

Here’s how to start low and go slow: Not just phase-ins of rates, but staged effective dates for each new excise tax or tax base, one by one—that’s the insight from the Hoover Institution’s Alvin Rabushka’s enormous Taxation in Colonial America, now discounted to under $30 in paperback. RAND-Vermont put it this way: “The simplest, […]

Tax Strategies for Dealing with the IRS

Patrick Cox and Elizabeth Sheldon of Tax Defense Partners spoke at our September event in LA. They review, at a high level, why the cannabis industry is so different when it comes to taxes (280E, 263A, etc.), what to do to help avoid an audit, and when you are audited or have a tax problem, how you […]

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