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Did a CBD product recently receive "FDA Certification" and no one noticed?

I recently came across a mention on Instagram that Elixicure was the “first and only FDA approved over-the-counter CBD product,” and I was stopped dead in my tracks wondering how I could have missed such a monumental moment in cannabis history. I immediately began researching. First, the FDA website. No announcements of a new CBD […]

Ego Clash 2019

Mendocino cannabis competition takes place right before Emerald Cup.

Invitation-only Hash and Flower Competition

History of Rosin

Four Hash Makers Walk Into A Bar...

A solventless conversation

Popping Beans

Townhouse Venice Cannabis Event Series

Event: Breeding & Genetics


The Vaping Crisis

A Research Vault on Vaping-Associated Pulmonary Injury

Hall of Flowers After Party

Join the Future Cannabis Project, California Cannabis Manufacturers Association (CCMA), Cannabis Distribution Association (CDA), Fiddler’s Greens, Green Bits, BDS Analytics, Sonoma Lab Works, CannAlign, and Sonoma County Growers Alliance for a Hall of Flowers after party. Wednesday, September 18th, from 6pm – 9pm. We locked in the outdoor space at the Whiskey Tip, a favorite […]

Rev Genomics Releases SNP Map, Analysis Based On Open Cannabis Project Data

The Oakland-based biotech company is making its work available to the public with no strings attached.

Open Cannabis Project genetic data analyzed and made public.

Attacking Overbroad Patents - One Person's Evidence is Everyone's Defense

Patent Claims

Overbroad Patents

You, Too, Can be a Patent Stalker - Intro to "Public PAIR"

You’ll have all of the steps in the process from when the patent application was first filed until it was allowed, or abandoned

Patent Application Information Retrieval

Why Open-Source in Cannabis Genetics Doesn't Work - And How to Fix It

Legal Recourse is the Essential Stick to Accompany the Open-Source Carrot


Business Transparency, Accountability, Trustworthiness

Know Thy Partner & Don't be a D!c$

The cannabis industry is moving from handshakes to legal agreements.

When Monkeys Hurl Feces

MOB Mentality

The rich get richer while the have nots tear each other apart.

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