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Tokenized Cannabis Crops

Cultivating Trust

IR training data GreenThumb IO Private Blockchain BitTorrent brought us decentralized P2P file sharing. There are loads of peer to peer messaging platforms. BitCoin brought us P2P money transfers, replacing banks with decentralized ledgers verified by the consensus. Ethereum builds on top of this trust network to give us digitally enforceable agreements. This has enabled developers […]

Cannabis Packaging Requirements in California

Panel discussion on the business and environmental impact of cannabis packaging requirements in CA.

Patient Stories: Cannabis and Cancer

Hilary Fonda Webb uses cannabis to treat the side effects of her stage IVB uterine cancer treatment.

Hilary Fonda Webb uses cannabis to treat the side effects of her stage IVB uterine cancer treatment.

Topanga's (craft) Cannabis Future

LA County proposed cannabis ordinance and what it means for Topanga.

Sensible Federal Cannabis Health Policy

Cancer biologist who ran into roadblocks trying to study cannabis as an effective cancer treatment runs for Congress.

AG Jeff Sessions: One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Attorney General Jeff Sessions – does any bite come with all his barking?

Cannabis Genetic Diversity Will Take a Hit in California

Thousands of craft cannabis cultivators will not enter the regulated market.

Cannabis Testing Standards for Smoking vs. Edibles Market

California will have different contaminant and pesticide standards for ingested and smoked products.

Event: Local Cannabis Ordinances Analyzed and Explained

SoCal cities and counties, including LA County, LA City, and Santa Barbara County.

Cops Gone Wild

Spotlight: Trinity County.

Future of Medical Cannabis in California

California is going through a major transition right now in its cannabis policy and regulations. Everything seems to be up in the air, yet none of us quite know how it will all land. With a thriving 21 year medical marijuana market, what are the things going forward that we need to be looking at […]

Attack of the Killer Cannabis Patents

Almost 40 years ago – in the Grade B horror spoof “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” – vicious giant man-eating tomatoes of unknown origin were seen spreading mayhem and trying to take over the U.S. This was right around the time the term GMO was first working its way into our vocabulary. Flash forward to […]

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